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Navigating the 2023-24 Property Tax Landscape: Insights and Opportunities


Property taxes play a significant role in the financial aspects of homeownership, with ATTOM's recent 2023 Property Tax Analysis unveiling crucial insights into this ever-evolving landscape. The findings reveal a 7% rise in property taxes from the prior year, shedding light on key trends and implications for property owners and industry professionals.

In 2023, the average tax on single-family homes surged by 4.1% nationally, reaching a notable $4,062. The Northeast and Midwest emerged with the highest effective property tax rates, underscoring regional disparities in tax burdens. Northeastern states specifically claimed seven of the top 10 spots for average property taxes nationwide, pinpointing areas of heightened tax obligations.

Moreover, the blog explores the indispensable role of real-time assessor data in empowering appraisers to conduct precise valuations. By leveraging ATTOM's comprehensive tax assessor data, appraisers gain instant access to a wealth of information crucial for accurate assessments. This data unlocks insights into capital flows, pricing trends, and asset acquisitions, bolstering appraisers' ability to seize new business opportunities.

Delving deeper, the blog delves into the multifaceted uses of tax assessor data across diverse industries. Encompassing over 155 million properties nationwide, ATTOM's assessor data fuels real estate websites, insurance policies, mortgage underwriting processes, and targeted marketing strategies. By tapping into this rich data repository, businesses gain a competitive edge in decision-making and client engagement within the dynamic real estate ecosystem.

As property tax dynamics continue to evolve, staying informed and leveraging robust data resources remains paramount for navigating this complex terrain effectively. ATTOM's insights and solutions stand as pillars of support for industry professionals seeking to adapt and thrive in a landscape shaped by changing property tax landscapes year on year.

While this dataset is nationally based information and we always state that real estate is locally centered. It is good practice to see what other markets are doing as there may be some micro trends that might enter the San Antonio marketplace.

As appraisers; it is crucial stay up to date with the current datasets and market trends. We utilize websites like ATTOM to scrape data to enhance our holistic understanding of the real estate market and overall economy.

Why? Because our clients deserve the best quality appraisal reports. Let us exceed your expectations.

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